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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Discover the best opportunities for ANCILLARY CANNABIS businesses that DO NOT require a state license.

The Most Cannabis Knowledge and Networking You Can Fit Into a Single Day

How can I get medical marijuana? 

Can I open a marijuana dispensary? 

Can I make edibles with my nana's secret recipie? 

Can I grow marijuana in Florida? 

What about CBD?

And every other cannabis question under the Florida sun will be answered!

Find out what it really takes to be in the Cannabis business.  

Make valuable connections to grow or start your Cannabis Career.  

Discover the opportunites avialable to you right now in Jax. 

Get informed about Florida regulations, licensing & applications.  

Learn the science behind the human endocannabinoid system and how cannabis is changing modern medicine.  

Experience for yourself the companies making it all happen.

Meet the people behind the industry.  

Hear from the patients who put themselves on the line to make life-saving medicine avaiable to you and the people you care about.  

Get expert advice on how YOU can get into 2017's fastest growing new industry.


The Leaders in Florida-Specific Marijuana Education since 2014.


There’s no question marijuana is the fastest growing industry in America right now, but it’s also the next big medical breakthrough... and Florida is on the cutting edge of it all. 

This event is the most quality cannabis education and networking you can fit into a single day!

Florida marijuana laws and what they mean for you. 

How cannabis works medically.

Cannabis business & investment opportunities. 

How to incorporate cannabis into a medical practice. 

How cannabis is grown & processed in Florida.

And much more!


How are people coming to CannaDay Jacksonville for FREE? Click the video to find out. 

Florida's largest cannabis business organization, Florida Cannabis Coalition has been hosting educational and networking events since 2014. Learn more about membership and how you can attend CannaDay events for FREE at

Presentaions by Expert Speakers

Boo WiIlliams

Former NFL Star now advocates for cannabis to treat Tramatic Brain Injury.

Judge Doug Bench

Former Judge Convicting Marijuana Users Now an Advocate after Reversing His Own Illness with Cannabis

Aaron Landerville

USF Physicist and plant extraction specialist


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